The Ultimate Guide To Concrete Polishing

From worktops to floors, polished concrete is growing in popularity day by day as an alternative choice for surfaces in home and business interiors.


What Is Concrete Floor Polishing?

Concrete polishing is pretty much exactly what it says on the can. It is concrete that has been turned dense through chemical treatments and thereafter, ground down with finer grinding tools progressively until it reflects the perfect shine. It can be done using existing concrete or with concrete that has been added in a later stage of a project.


What Is Concrete Polishing Good For?

Concrete polishing has a long history of being used in places such as warehouses, shopping centers, and offices. Additionally, it is being used more and more in our homes. The first and foremost advantage of having polished concrete in homes is that it works perfectly with what is already present in the homes. Rather than use added materials to get new flooring such as hardwood, all the builders will need to do is polish the existing concrete that has been used in the floor foundations.


Another great advantage of polished concrete is that its typical life span is longer than most other floors, provided it is correctly installed. In fact, in comparison with other similar surfaces such as tiles , polished concrete can last upwards of 5x longer. These reasons and many more are why most people consider concrete floor polishing a beautiful and sustainable flooring option.


Polished concrete is also pretty low maintenance in addition to being extremely easy to clean and durable. Furthermore, in spite of its polished appearance, polished concrete has non-slip attributes. Also, it is anti-mold, which means that it suits people who have allergies. You can also create this flooring with designs, colors, added materials, or even in an all-natural look according to your preference.  


How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of concrete floor polishing depends on a number of factors. These include finishing, placement as well as sealing. More complex projects, with additional product and labor will naturally be costlier. There are several other factors that you must consider, such as the condition of the existing concrete floor (if any) and any aggregates that you plan to use to enhance the design. As a general rule though, Concrete Polished Floors are extremely cost-effective when compared with the cost of ownership of other types of flooring.


Is Concrete Polishing Suitable For Your Home?

Concrete polishing is installed quite often in new homes. That said, you can also retrofit it into your existing homes, particularly if you are thinking of creating new extensions. Introducing polished concrete into your existing flooring plan means replacing the existing suspended timber flooring with a minimum of 50mm concrete. Moreover, space might also require some building up in order to retain the current floor level.


Why Choose Us For Concrete Floor Polishing?

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