If you have dedicated a lot of effort and time to create a stunning concrete surface and have been proficient enough to integrate a pattern of joints in the design to control cracking, it is; indeed, a job well done! Now, how can you make the joints as useful and attractive as possible?

Fortunately for you, there are a number of options for sealing or filling joints. That said, the decision of choosing the kind of product that is most appropriate for you and your project lies entirely with you.


●       Protect Joints From Traffic

The very first thing for you to consider is the environment that your slab is kept in. If the joints present in industrial floors are neglected and not filled or appropriately sealed, they can get damaged by forklifts as well as other vehicles. It is pertinent to mention here that the primary function of joint fillers is to protect all the joint edges of your flooring as well as provide load transfer abilities between slabs. Moreover, it also prevents the concrete in the flooring from breaking off when heavy loads and hard wheels travel across it in a distribution center or a warehouse. In order to protect the edges of the slabs effectively, it is crucial that the joint filler is flush with the surface of the floor. This can be done by overfilling the joint after the filler is solid yet unhardened. Thereafter, the excess material can be shaved off using a scraping tool.   


●       Seal Out Contaminants

Using a joint sealant is very important. This is because you must keep the water out or it can be detrimental to the concrete as well as any other substrates that the water comes into contact with. Therefore, you should consider sealing out all the contaminants using a joint sealant so that your flooring stays robust and attractive in appearance at the same time.  


●       Make Choices

Choosing the right filler as well as sealant products is dependent on a number of factors. It depends on the type of abuse that the material would be subjected to, the amount and nature of movement taking place, if it is rolling wheels or points loads, etc. You must also choose the right sealant to ensure the maximum protection for your concrete floors.


Final Words

As is evident, keeping these points in mind can go a long way to helping you enjoy beautiful flooring without worrying about cracks. It can also help you to hire professionals to do the job for you. In this regard, you must do your homework. Research for the best company to carry out your joint cut filling. Look at their portfolio and speak with previous clients if possible to find a contractor that we provide you with the best results.

With a little bit of work and the right decisions, you can easily enjoy flawless floors with joint cut filling.